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Baby Products Importers & Buyers Directory

Comprises over 1,400 international baby product importers, buyers, wholesalers and distributors of baby care products and infant supplies such as baby footwears, baby foods, baby wears, baby furnitures, baby safety items, baby toiletries, baby toys, and baby utensils, etc.Baby Products Importers & Buyers Directory

Baby Product Importers & Buyers Directory is recently updated in Dec 2019 & released in Jan 2020 including infant product buyers' information such as company name, mailing address, country, contacted person, phone number, fax no., email address, website address, nature of business activities, infant supplies and baby product list.

It covers most trade zones such as U.S.A. and Canada, South American, Asia & Pacific regions, Middle East, Western European and Eastern European areas, Russia and Africa, etc. This international directory of baby product importers and buyers is complied in CD Rom and comprises easy-to-use computer programs to facilitate direct export promotion for childcare nursery products and infant supplies. You may directly send personalized emails, faxs, or promotional letters to acesss global importers and buyers of infant care products and baby supplies. You may start your promotion promptly without re-entering data as what are needed by other traditional business directories and trade yellow pages. Our global buyers directory (Baby Products) therefore save your valuable time and efforts collecting and maintaining baby product importers list and database. You may focus to close your sales and build long term customer relationship.

Our Baby Product Importers & Buyers Directory is the powerful business to business trade, importers and buyers directory for worldwide infant product manufacturers, traders, suppliers, exporters, export agents and brokers. An extra bonus tool, the Directory of Global Import Organizations, is packed together with Baby Products Importers and Buyers Directory to provide you with unlimited opportunities to access world importer and buyer organization for more export market information.

The direct way to access international baby product importers is the most cost-effective, simplest, fastest method of promotion. Moreover, the importers contacted is the active buyers who desire to buy from you. Targeting your customers is the killer technique to generate results. Building relationship with global infant product importers and buyers prior to your competitors is the first and important steps to success.


  • No time-consuming data entry needed.
  • User-friendly Menu-driven query screen.
  • Viewing buyers information on screen by company name, country, or product imported.
  • Printing Mailing Labels, Buyer Contact List, E-mail Report, etc.
  • Sending personalized emails by product, country, its combination, or company name.
  • Capability to export data for other fax and email application.
  • Option to select specific buyers records to send email.
  • Quick Start Guide to reduce learning time enabling to start promotion quickly.
  • Buyers' information including company name, mailing address, country, phone no., fax no., contacted person, business activities, website & email address, products imported, etc.
  • Opt-out function to fulfill the anti-spam law requirements.
  • Extra tool of Directory of Global Import Organizations included.
  • CD Download Version released and available to replace CD rom version for fast delivery

  • Note: Our directory is a single user and PC version which supports Ms Windows XP/Vista/7/10 desktop computers and standard SMTP & ESMTP servers to send emails. It cannot be installed and run on the other OS such as Linux, Apple Mac and mobile devices. The purchaser should provide the proper OS and computer to use the directory.

Price (CD donwload version): USD100.00

Baby Products Importers & Buyers Directory are the most cost-effective and powerful export marketing tools, designed to help you to compete globally. Don't waste time to wait response from passive advertsements. Act Now to excel your competitors!

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