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If you would like to exchange link with us, please email us with brief description of your site, products and/or services, your URL, and the address of the web page you intended to post a link to.

1. Links are divided by grouping of domain name and added on a first-come-first-serve basis on our "Useful Links" page.
2. We may decline to link to some websites due to lack of relevancy, adult sites, etc.

What is the benefit of Linking?
There are two folds. First, most search engines rank the website higher if there are more quality links from other relevant websites. Additionally, there is visitor traffic generated if a visitor at another related websites sees and clicks on a link to your website.

What is the requirements for a link?
Since the purpose of cross linking is to improve website ranking, the website page with the link must be spiderable by the search engines. It means link pages must not be frame based or dynamically generated. It must be placed either on your home page or on a page directly accessible from it (i.e. not more than one click away from your home page).

What is a quality link?
Since search engines do not count banners and gif files as part of the relevant links, they should be avoided. The search engines value the link more than the same link without the keywords. Usually, a good link should have the link text with most important keywords for your website and the brief link description (no longer than 25 words).

How long will the links stay?
We will maintain a link on our website for as long as you maintain a link to our website.

Text Links (not more than 25 characters):

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<a href="https://www.Leadxpress.com">Leadxpress Global Importers Directory</a>Leadxpress Global Importers Directory - international business directories of importers, buyers and trade associations for sales with export promotion features such as email, email-to-fax, export data, etc.

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