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What is SMTP?
SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) is the standard by which email is delivered on the internet.

What is an SMTP server?
It is a program that downloads email messages from the email program and forwards them to their destination. When email messages are sent from the email program, they are not delivered directly to the recipient. Instead, they are first downloaded by an intermediary, i.e. an SMTP server, which then ensures that they are sent to the right recipient. Every time an email message is sent, there are four factors involved in the exchange:

1) The email program in which the message was generated.
2) SMTP server which forwards the message to its correct destination.
3) Server which should download the message from the SMTP server and from which the recipient will subsequently download it.
4) Email program of the recipient which downloads the message form the server.

Do I need to set up my SMTP server?
No. Our business directories, Global Buyers Directory, do not require you to set up your own SMTP server. You only need to key in the address of your ISP's (Internet Service Provider) SMTP server at the Email Setting option and allow standard port 25 (the default port for SMTP server) and our email program to send emails if the firewall or proxy is used at your computer.

Can I use another SMTP server to send emails?
Yes, our directory allows relay mode which can accept you to set another SMTP server other than your ISP's SMTP server.

What happens if my ISP is blocking standard port 25?
Generally speaking, it will not affect sending emails if you use your ISP's SMTP server. However, it will not work if you use another SMTP server or program acting your computer as SMTP server using standard port 25 to directly send emails.

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