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Although direct emails is the most cost-effective way for international promotion, there may be sometimes the emails cannot reach the protential buyers. Many international marketers found email accounts are changed frequently due to changing internet service providers, hosting services or other reasons. In spite of our continuous effort to try to keep our directory as accurate and update as possible, it may involve the typing errors. Hence, we provide another cost-effective option to send international promotion to worldwide buyers by efax (email-to-fax, or internet fax).

Efax is one form to send fax by email using email-to-fax (or called internet fax) service. Since the fax is sent to the recipient's country via email and then re-transmitted to the recipient's fax machine, the communication cost is much lower than the normal IDD cost. There are some free service providers for many regions covered in the world and some commercial service providers offering quality packages at low cost. Details is provided together with our global buyer directory. The user should directly apply for his/her own email-to-fax account to use this feature.


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