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Email Address Directory

Email address directory with a collection of email addresses of international buyers and importers for direct email promotion is not as powerful as our low cost marketing tool - Leadxpress global buyers directory. Usually, this kind of email directory does not contain mailing address, fax number, business phone number, and website address, etc. Since email address is changed frequently due to changing internet service providers, hosting services or other reasons. Moreover, typing errors alway cause the emails undelivered.

For these reasons, we offer a powerful, cost-effective direct mailing tool - our global buyers directory. Our global buyers directory with wide business sectors is what more than a buyers email address directory. It is an easy-to-use, comprehensive buyers directory with email address, business phone number, fax number, website address and mailing address. It supports direct promotion features to send international promotion to worldwide buyers and importers by email, exporting data for direct fax applications, printing mailing labels, and much more .... Moreover, there is no time-consuming data entry needed using our program. It supports standard SMTP and ESMTP servers to send personalized emails. You can promote at any time as you like.

Most of importance, our buyers directory contains international buyers and importers who are active in international business and desire to get quotes on your products they imported. By some proven techniques, you can easily target your protential customers and get prompt response.

Leadxpress Global Buyers Directory is more powerful than email address directory (or buyers email directory) for international marketing!

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