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Which promotions deliver the highest quality visitors?

Are all click-throughs equal ? No, the people looking to buy your products are the highest quality visitors and most important than the people bored to visit FFA sites. A study from selfpromotion.com ranks the quality of click-throughs in the following decreasing order of quality:

  • Online newsletters and Mailing Lists (Permission Mail Lists)
  • Links from other sites with topics related to your site
  • Categorised links (Yahoo, Open Directory, etc.)
  • Links from other general sites
  • Search engines
  • Banner ads
  • Free for all (FFA) pages

Why can online newsletters and permission mail lists deliver the highest quality visitors?
It is clear that they contains targeted visitors with real needs. Our Global Buyers Directory is your best choice of direct marketing tools for international business marketing and export promotion. It comprises active international buyers and importers who are eager to receive your quote.


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