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Your cost-effective export promotion solution: 

 International Buyers Directory See Demo 

We provide: -

  • Effective International Export Selling Channel 
  • Powerful Direct Marketing Tool 
  • Unlimited Reach to International Buyers 
  • Large Potential Global Importers & Buyers Database 
  • Way to Cut Export Marketing Cost 
  • Active Contact instead of passive waiting 
  • One-to-One Marketing & Personalized Contact 
  • Fast, Easy to Start & No Time Restriction 
  • Offer Not Exposed to Competitors 
  • Supression List Function for opt-out request

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Why Leadxpress Directories?

Needless to say, the most cost-effective direct mail marketing tool is email marketing. It can be quick and easy to create direct email promotional campaign and almost arrive in the protential customers' email box immediately. Moreover, direct email marketing has higher response rate. Jupiter Communications told 5 to 15 percent while Forrester told 14 to 22 percent for a permission email marketing campaign (opt-in email marketing). About 68 percents of medium-to large-sized U.S. companies included email into their marketing strategies in 2000. Amazon, Microsoft, and Dell are the successful examples.

Our Solution - Leadxpress International Importers & Buyers Directory

It is completely a new kind of International Importers Directory different from other traditional international business directory, business yellow pages, email address directory, mailing lists, and business fax number directory in the following ways:

1. Effective International Export Selling Channel
Research indicates permission email marketing (or opt-in email marketing) have much higher success rates than bulk email promotion. CMO study reported opt-in mailing is the most cost-effective promotion method for generating sales when compared with search engine submission, other emarketing promotion and advertising strategies. By carefully planning and some proven techniques of email marketing, you can successfully target protential importers & international buyers to close the sales.

2. Powerful Direct Marketing Tool
Leadxpress international importers directory can allow you to send emails to importers, international buyers, wholesalers for export marketing by product, country, or by company name. You can export data for fax application, or print mailing labels for subsequent mailing of samples and other promotional materials. It is just simply by a mouse click !

3. Unlimited Reach to International Buyers
When you purchase our directory, you can have unlimited use of information to access your prospective customers for export promotion at any time and as many times as you like. Rental a mailing list only allow you a one-time use.

4. Large Potential Global Importers & Buyers Database
Our database contains massive entries of active importers & buyers for international trade. Furthermore, you will get an extra bonus tool - Directory of Global Import Organizations when you purchase our business directory. You may use this valuable marketing tools to look for more protential importers & buyers !

5. Way to Cut Export Marketing Cost
Direct marketing by email can reduce costs of promotion and communication. The cost of obtaining a name from our directory is much inexpensive than that of rental a mailing list. It is much easier and less expensive to create multiple offers. Massive email promotion can be delivered by a group of product, by country, or by company. No time-consuming data entry is needed as other traditional business directories and business yellow pages do, hence saving your marketing cost, labour cost, and valuable time !

Leadxpress International Buyers Directory (or International Importers Directory) is your cost-effective export promotion tool, specifically designed to help you to compete globally. Act now to stay ahead of your competitors !

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